Tait Friends

Become a Friend of the Tait Memorial Trust through an annual minimum subscription of £75 and receive discounts on tickets for Tait events, as well as an invite to a yearly celebration.

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The Tait Memorial Trust has helped over 300 young Australian performing artists and raised over £700,000 since its foundation in 1992. The Trust was created by Isla Baring OAM with her mother Viola, Lady Tait to honour the memory of her father Sir Frank Tait and his four brothers who had a profound effect on the classical performing arts in Australia in the twentieth century. Join us in our work to assist young Australians who come to the UK to pursue their dream and help us to help them.

Join Tait Friends today

Join Tait Friends today and help us to help the next generation of young Australian performing artists who come to complete their studies in the United Kingdom.

Tait Memorial Trust
4/80 Elm Park Gardens
London SW10 9PD

  • Set up a Standing Order to pay your membership fees annually, or use our Bank details to set up a Direct Debit. Download the form here

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Tait Friend

  • Cost: £75+
  • Duration: Annual
  • Description: TMT Friends £75+
    • Two tickets to annual drinks reception
    • 10% discount for Tait events

Tait Melba Supporter

  • Cost: £250+
  • Duration: Annual
  • Description: Tait Melba Supporter £250+
    • — the above privileges plus:
      • Priority booking
      • Name listed on website

Tait Frank & Viola Friends

  • Cost: £500+
  • Duration: Annual
  • Description: Tait Frank & Viola Friends £500+
    • — the above privileges plus:
      • Invitation for two to dinner with award recipients
      • Priority booking
      • Name listed on website

Adopt a Performer

The Adopt a Performer scheme allows a donor to directly support a young performing artist from Australia and New Zealand studying in the UK, annually for a three-year commitment. Please click here to learn how to actively involve yourself in the career development of a young artist.

Tait Helpmann Circle

  • Cost: £1000+ pp/a
  • Duration: Annual
  • Description: ADOPT A PERFORMER annually for a three-year commitment.
  • Tait Helpmann Circle £1,000+ p/a
    • — the above privileges plus:
      • Award linked to individual awardee

Tait Bonynge Partner

  • Cost: £3000+ p/a
  • Duration: Annual
  • Description: ADOPT A PERFORMER annually for a three-year commitment.
    • Tait Bonynge Partner £3,000+ p/a
      • — the above privileges plus:
        • You will be listed as a named sponsor
        • Regular progress reports about your awardee
        • Invitations to other special Sponsor Events

Tait Sutherland Benefactor

  • Cost: £5000+ p/a
  • Duration: Annual
  • Description: ADOPT A PERFORMER annually for a three-year commitment
    • Tait Sutherland Benefactor £5,000+p/a
      • — the above privileges plus:
        • Named award at a UK institution
        • Invitation to a benefactor reception
        • Invitations to performances where your awardee may be performing
        • Opportunities to invite guests to some of these events
        • Grateful acknowledgement in the Trust’s Annual Report

Tait Grainger Patron

  • Cost: £10000+ p/a
  • Duration: Annual
  • Description: ADOPT A PERFORMER annually for a three-year commitment.
    • Tait Grainger Patron £10,000+ p/a
      • — the above privileges plus:
      • A portrait by international artist & Tait Patron, June Mendoza AO OBE

The greatest return, however, would be to see your awardee fulfill their true potential and, as they graduate to a professional career, the pleasure of knowing that you played an important part in making this possible.                                    

Tait Grainger Patron £10,000+
The Australian Charity Art Auction
Julian Baring Family*
The Estate of Lady Mackerras*

Tait Sutherland Benefactor £5,000+
Sir David & Lady Higgins*
Mr John Frost AM*

Tait Bonynge Partner £3,000+
Chevalier Richard Gunter

Tait Helpmann Circle £1,000+
Mrs Jan Gowrie-Smith
Mr & Mrs David Hunter
Mr Albert Kwok &
Mrs Stephanie McGregor
Mr Andrew Loewenthal &
Ms Eugenie White*
The Thornton Foundation
Mrs Margaret Rodgers
Mrs Barbara Ross
Mr Michael Whalley &
Ms Karen Goldie-Morrison*
Ms Louise Worthington*
VEC Acorn Trust

TMT Frank & Viola Friends £500+
Mr Julian Agnew
Mr Peter Box
Mr & Mrs Christopher Braithwaite
Mr Hugh Bayne
Mrs Sandra DeMonte

Tait Amis Supporter £250+
Mrs Lorraine Buckland
Mr & Mrs David Butter
Mr John Coke
The Hon. Sarah Joiner
Mrs Anne Longden
Mr Henry Lumley
Mr & Mrs Jan Pethick
Mr Kerry Rubie
The Hon. Sir R. Storey Bt CBE

TMT Friends £75+
Miss Marylyn Abbott
Mr Eric Adler
Mrs June Allison
Ms Ariadne Jane Baring
The Hon. Mark Baring
The Hon. Susan Baring OBE
Mrs Nina Bialoguski
Mr Lindsay Birrell
Ms Sue Bradbury
Viscountess Harriet Bridgeman
Mrs Diana Burley
Mr John Crisp
Ms Fay Curtin
Mr Roger Davenport
Mrs Anne Davidson
Mrs Celeste Ekerick
Mr Edward Field
Dr Rodney Foale
Mrs Lorraine Freedberg
Miss Rosemary Frischer
The Dowager Countess of Harewood
Mr Phillip Hart
Mrs Janet Hogarth-Scott
Lady Jopling
Mrs Juliet Jowitt
Dr John Keets
Mr Patrick Kennedy
Mr Martin Kramer
Mrs Wendy Kramer
Lady Rosa Lipworth CBE
Mr Henry Lumley
Miss Joanna McCallum
Ms Sue McGregor
Mrs Ellen Moloney
Ms Lisa Orlov
Countess of Portsmouth
Ms Mary Rayner
Mr John Rendall
Lady Robertson
Mrs Patricia Rochford
Mrs Barbara Ross
Ms Jacqueline Rowlands
Ms Katherine Scholfield
Mr Ian Tegner
Mrs Annette Thorp
Rev John Wates OBE


Tait Winter Prom Angels
Chev. Richard Gunter (Hire of the Hall)
The Hon. Sarah Joiner (Programme printing)
Mrs Jan Gowrie-Smith (Conductor)
The Linbury Trust
The Bernays Trust
Mr Kerry Rubie
Viscountess Bridgeman
Lady Rosa Lipworth CBE
Dame Norma Major DBE
Mrs Pamela Le Couter
Mr Patrick Kennedy
Mrs Lyn Robertson
Mr & Mrs J Bryant
Lady Jopling
Mr Christin Odey

Supported the Orchestra
Mr Peter Box
Mrs Katherine Scholfield
Mrs Lynette Braithwaite
The Hon. Susan Baring OBE
Mrs June Mendoza AM OBE
Countess of Portsmouth
Mr Henry Lumley
The Hon. Mrs Patricia Wyndham